Keep all your programs always updated for free

DENZI finds for you the latest available versions
of your installed software and installs them
automatically and for free.


Step 1: Download

Click on the download buttons to download and install Denzi on your computer.


Step 2: Search

Denzi will find
automatically the latest
versions of your installed


Step 3: Update

Decide what programs
you want to update and


Top Benefits

  • 100% free of virus

    Downloads and programs are checked with the highest security measures.

  • Update your old versions

    Make the most of your installed software by updating all your old versions

  • 100% free of cost

    Denzi is for free. Download, install and start to use it.

  • Everything is automated

    Denzi does everything for you, searches, finds and show you the latest versions available. You only have to select what you want to update.

  • Find other interesting programs

    In addition, Denzi will offer you the most interesting programs according to your profile.

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